Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Project WRAPPED. POSE Boston.

"Everyone has to start somewhere."

I still hear my mother's voice when these words are spoken to me - or, when I happen to hear them while eavesdropping on others (hey, get to know me).  In 2006, I was fresh out of college and trying desperately to line up my first job.  My mom may or may not have been subject to some mild venting when she spoke these words; you see, back then every sales position that I applied for either did not genuinely appeal to me - or, called for years of experience that I lacked.  

When I decided to leave my sales career in favor of writing two months ago, I instantly remembered how hard it is to begin a career.  The all-too-familiar 'Catch 22' of needing experience to find your first job still allows me to empathize with every single recent college graduate, despite being 29 years old.  

So, there I was: "rebooting the old Dell" by putting pen to paper and coming up with numerous spec work ideas that would comprise my earliest portfolio as a copywriter.  Almost immediately, I came up with an idea for Sweet Cupcakes since, at my last job, I used to buy their delicious creations on a daily basis to schmooze clients (and subsequently indulge in vicarious pleasure as they devoured them in front of me).  To fully realize my vision for this particular print piece, though, I would need to use official images from Sweet's website.  

I reached out to Eric Levin of Elevin Studios to request permission to use these gorgeous cupcake pictures that he'd taken.  Eric's response absolutely floored me; he granted me permission to use his images in exchange for my copy services for his new company's website.  I believe this is what Michael Scott once referred to as a win-win... win situation.  I knew right then that Eric is a stand-up guy, and would be a lot of fun to work with.  

Eric is a true visionary and is up to some amazing things.  I will let you all know when his brand-new website goes live, but in the meantime his new company, POSE Boston, is all about taking your typical photobooth - and turning 'up da funk, mon.'  Weddings, corporate events, house parties, fundraisers - you name it - POSE will make your event talked about for a long time.  My favorite part: You DO NOT have to wait for your pictures!  Eric and his team get them to you there and then.  

POSE's branding made this project so much fun.  Eric was looking for something "punchy" and humorous at times, but informative.  As I wrote, I imagined myself meeting someone instantly likable at a party.  It's all subjective, but for me, this person would be: outgoing (but not overbearing), active in conversation (but not dominant), and a great listener.  The finished copy, in essence, is 'spoken' by this person I imagined.  

It was such a good faith move on Eric's part to entrust me with his new branding efforts, and I am thrilled that he will be using my copy and singing my praises to others in need of content.  My first featured piece, I can't wait to see the incredible things that POSE aspires to accomplish this year.  

It's definitely true what they say: "Everyone has to start somewhere," but in my case as a 29 year-old junior copywriter, POSE Boston gives me nothing to vent about this time around.  

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